System Requirements for Stock Prophet

 IBM PC compatible computer
 EGA or VGA Graphics monitor 
 At least 500k bytes of "free" installed RAM memory
      -highly recommended at least 4 Mbyte of EMS configurable
       memory for Stock Prophet version 2.0
 Fixed disk (hard drive)
 Stock market data in the Computrac/Metastock, Telescan or
       custom ASCII data format
       (SAMPLE DATA in Metastock format provided)
 MS/DOS Version 5.0 or higher or equivalent
 BrainMaker (or other) neural network software
        - Printer: (Most are compatible with:)
               Epson FX, EX, LQ
               HP Laser Jet or compatible Printer
               HP 540 Class
        - Numerical coprocessor
        - Commercial Price Data Downloading Software
               (DIAL DATA can be provided at no cost)
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